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Spring is Here & OLITA Has You Covered

The weather is warming up; the sun is out longer; and so are all of us! This means increased risk from UV rays that can cause damage to our skin. It is so important to protect our skin from those harmful UV rays with a sun care ritual to keep our skin healthy long term. Who doesn't love a beach day or cruising on the lake? Whatever your water sport of choice or simply relaxing on the sand, we all need that reconnection with nature. BUT we do NOT love those painful sunburns or tracking home pesky sand. We’ve all been there wondering, “How often do I need to reapply my sunscreen?” and “What if I go in the water or sweat?” or “What about that sticky sand and the blazing hot sun?” These are just a few of the questions we get from our OLITA customers at the beginning of every summer season. So we thought we’d address these concerns now before the busy spring and summer is upon us!

When we talk about reapplying sunscreen, we recommend following the guidelines from The American Academy of Dermatology that say to reapply every two hours. Yep, every two hours! This serves as a great benchmark as SPF is effective for only two hours. With that being said, you will need to reapply more often if you are swimming or sweating it off. And for that sticky, pesky sand and the effects of a long day in the sun? That is where OLITA has you covered all day!

We offer an entire collection of products that not only protect you from the sun's UV rays but also additional products that make your beach and sunny day experience much more enjoyable. Our Beach Be Gone’s specially formulated body powder wicks away moisture and sand so you can leave it at the beach where it belongs! OLITA also makes AfterSun, a light oil serum with coconut and aloe vera leaf oils, plus Vitamin E to cool down your skin after a day in the sun for calming hydration and moisturizing effects. And don’t forget your lips! OLITA’s Mineral Lip Balm protects your lips with SPF15 plus Vitamin E and it won’t harm the planet. With all these products for before, during and after sun exposure, you are guaranteed a safe and fun sun season. Now go get your beach on!

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