Olita Boasts Another Seal of Approval, This Time From the Mom’s Choice Awards - OLITA

Olita Boasts Another Seal of Approval, This Time From the Mom’s Choice Awards

Olita is proud to have been selected by the Mom’s Choice Awards®, named among the best in family-friendly products! All of our products are safe to use on children and adults. Adding a Mom’s Choice Award® to is another stamp of approval and shows our core values of producing protective and safe products. 

Perfect for diaper bags, pockets, purses, and backpacks. Keep your kids' young skin safe from the sun - easy to apply on faces and little places. Effective shield against harmful UVA/UVB rays. Broad spectrum AND chemical-free. Safely protects your kids' skin and does not harm our oceans or sea life. 

The Mom’s Choice Awards® is an unbiased group that evaluates products and services for children and families. They are an US based group that has reviewed items in more than 57 other countries. Volunteers adhere to a strict code of ethics when evaluating products and ensure they have an objective view. The panel of volunteers includes, parents, educators, business professionals, and scientists. Factors they look at include quality, educational value, cost, and more. After the products are evaluated, MCA donates many of the items to schools, hospitals, and charities. Olita is always interested in partnering with companies with a similar mission to ours. We are excited to be certified by the Mom’s Choice Awards - one of the most respected and helpful groups rating consumer products.

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