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National Make a Difference Day


As we enter the season of giving and gratitude, we want to share our philosophy of how OLITA  gives back. We believe in responsible stewardship of the Earth. Small acts of kindness and empowering good people and mission-driven organizations to do good work help all of us. That's why OLITA gives a percentage of sales to the Coral Reef Alliance. This non-profit organization is helping to save the world’s coral reefs by working collaboratively with communities, conservationists and scientists. Our oceans’ coral reefs are one of the most bio-diverse and sensitive eco-systems on the planet – and the first line of defense against hurricanes (we are now exiting yet another devastating hurricane season).

We know that chemical sunscreens are killing our coral reefs. So besides making ONLY reef safe sunscreens, OLITA also supports the Coral Reef Alliance with our donations from every sale. Reef-safe with zinc oxide as our only active ingredient, you know that OLITA sunscreens work to protect your skin and do no harm to the environment. We are also moving to bio-sourced and Post Consumer Recycled packaging. That's protection with a purpose!

This October 23rd is National Make a Difference Day and we encourage consumers to buy from brands who give back in meaningful ways to make a difference.


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