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Is it sustainable or is it greenwashing?

Let’s talk simple facts first: chemical sunscreens are a big fat no for the environment - think what's clean for the ocean? Avoid chemicals that are toxic for marine life, not to mention you and your loved ones' physical health - especially children! 

So what should you use? Mineral sunscreen! But not just any mineral sunscreen given that some companies have started adding the label “reef safe” or “mineral” when in reality they still have chemicals! The labels reef safe or ocean safe are not regulated so it’s important to fact check ingredients and labels! So first things first, here's a list of ingredients to avoid. Why? These chemicals cause coral bleaching, they damage coral DNA and cause growth anomalies, not to mention many of these are associated with cancer in humans. 






Octyl Salicylate



Nano particles 


So how can YOU find actual reef safe and mineral sunscreen? 

  1. Always check the labels! You can't imagine how many companies get away with labeling their sunscreens reef or ocean safe without anyone paying attention. 
  2. Look for non-nanotized zinc oxide or titanium oxide. Non-nanotized zinc oxide or titanium oxide are great UV filters with far less damage and stress on corals. 
  3. Pick water-resistant sunscreen. The more the sunscreen stays on your body the less it goes into the ocean.
  4. Avoid any spray sunscreen they are not reef safe is just greenwashing. And not only are they not safe on your skin and the ocean but spraying releases chemicals to the environment and you inhale them!

We hope this helps! 

Your Friends at OLITA Suncare 

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