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Earth Day and OLITA’s Commitment

We believe in giving back. We believe in responsible stewardship for the Earth, and we believe in conservation through consumer choices. Together, we can Restore Our Earth™. As our mission states, we believe in creating clean sun care products that protect and nourish your skin without harming the environment, and we take our mission seriously. We know that chemical sunscreens are killing our coral reefs! That’s why OLITA is dedicated to making ONLY reef-safe sunscreens, OLITA is part of the solution in protecting our planet.  

 By empowering customers who care, and supporting mission-driven organizations that do the work, we can all do our part in protecting Mother Earth. OLITA is protection with a purpose; we give 10% of all sales to The Coral Reef Alliance. The non-profit organization is helping to save the world’s coral reefs by working collaboratively with communities, conservationists, and scientists. Our oceans’ coral reefs are one of the most bio-diverse and sensitive ecosystems on the planet – and the first line of defense against hurricanes. 

NOAA’s National Ocean Service goes into great detail about how chemicals in sunscreen can affect our oceans, as shown in this infographicChemicals in sunscreen, like oxybenzone, are devastating to our oceans.  When you swim with sunscreen containing those chemicals, they seep into the water, then sadly, are absorbed by coral. These substances contain nanoparticles that disrupt coral's reproduction and growth cycles, ultimately leading to bleaching and potentially killing the reefs. At OLITA, we developed our line of safe sun care products using organic, natural, high performing ingredients. We strive to make the outdoors a fun and happy destination, while keeping you and our planet beautiful. We make skin happy. YOU are making a difference when you make a purchase. Protection with a purpose. 

Happy Earth Day, every day!

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