OLITA's Beach Be Gone Sand Remover and Body Powder Benefits

OLITA's Beach Be Gone Sand Remover and Body Powder Benefits

If you're a beach lover, you know that sand can be a major nuisance. It sticks to your skin, gets in your clothes, and seems to be impossible to get rid of. That's where Beach Be Gone comes in!

What is Beach Be Gone? 

It is a unique product that's designed to help you get rid of sand easily while also keeping your skin feeling fresh and dry. An all-natural sand remover and body powder that helps you leave the beach behind.

Made with all-natural ingredients it's gentle on your skin and safe for the environment! As a body powder it absorbs moisture and prevents chafing, as a sand remover it quickly and easily gets rid of sand from your skin and clothes, or even as a dry shampoo to refresh your hair! And it is now available in packaging made from post-consumer recycled plastics!

We're committed to reducing our environmental impact and are proud to offer our customers eco-friendly options.

How does Beach Be Gone work?

The powder works by absorbing moisture from your skin, which helps to loosen the sand particles that are stuck to your skin. Once the sand particles are loosened, you can easily brush them off with a towel or your hand.

How to use Beach Be Gone? 

Simply apply a small amount of powder to your skin, paying particular attention to areas where sand tends to stick, such as your feet and legs. Gently rub the powder into your skin, and then brush off any excess powder and sand with a towel or your hand.

  • Sprinkle on
  • Wipe off
  • And the beach be gone! 

What are the benefits of using Beach Be Gone?

  1. Easy to use: The powder is easy to apply and can be used by anyone.
  2. Easy to close flip cap --- so no powder mess!
  3. Natural ingredients: The powder contains natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin. Talc-free!
  4. Removes sand: The powder effectively removes sand from your skin, making it easier to enjoy your day at the beach.
  5. Keeps you fresh and dry: The powder helps to absorb excess moisture and sweat, keeping you feeling fresh and dry.

    Will you give it a try? Let us know in the comments below! 

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